JogAmp v2.0-rc3 .. (progress)

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JogAmp v2.0-rc3 .. (progress)

Sven Gothel
Dear All,

this release is truly a nightmare :(

We just wanted to release the RC .. well, the following long story happened.

- Update JVM to 6u26

- b1: Windows build machine disconnected (EOF) for no apparent reason from chuck (our Jenkins server).

- b1: Hence tried to update Jenkins:

  - latest Jenkins

  - realizing that the XML / JUnit error still happens

  - using latest git repo Jenkins

  - creating a new plugin which solves the XML / JUnit error,
    thx to the new extension point:

  - using the new git plugin, SCM_COMMIT -> GI_COMMIT etc ..

  - great things is, w/o patching we can use latest / greates now!

  - still not fixing the above EOF ..

- b1: Reboot a router (last resort) fixes the EOF problem .. :)

- b2: UIUtils/SingletonInstance locking over 2 JVMs fails on sporadical on Linux

  - Implementing socket version of SingletonInstance and move it to gluegen:;a=commit;h=aba5f79ed62128b74962c1efa15a3f921d66b3e0

- Update machine: linux64-AMD58xx-ubuntu10-jogamp-* to Ubuntu 11.04

- b3: Ubuntu 11.04's libX11 / libxcb combo has [at least] a OpenGL multithreading regression

  - Currently creating a 'workaround', turn-on extensive X11/Locking via a property

- b4: Graph/Curve bug when vertices are overlapped ..

  - This one might not get completly fixed until RC3 though .. however Rami is working hard on it.


As you see, this one isn't too easy this time,
but we keep the ball running and hopefully can complete it this week.

Just for your information, that we _do_ work on it :)

Cheers, Sven
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Re: JogAmp v2.0-rc3 .. (progress)


Hi, Sven:

Waiting for your release JogAmp v2.0-rc3 at    .
By the way, whenever you release a version, will you still update the SVN at ??

Welcome to Vision Open