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I cann't start jogl on my computer. The console output is
Info: XInitThreads() called for concurrent Thread support
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
        at test.jogl.GLInfo.init(
        at test.jogl.GLInfo.runInThread(
        at test.jogl.GLInfo.main(
Caused by: No profile available: [GL2, GL3bc, GL4bc, GL2GL3, GL3, GL4, GL2ES2, GLES2, GL2ES1, GLES1], GLAvailability[Native[GL4bc false, GL4 false, GL3bc false, GL3 false, GL2 false, GL2ES1 false, GLES1 false, GL2ES2 false, GLES2 false], Profiles[, default null]]
        ... 3 more
Java Result: 1

 - Fedora 13, 64bit
 - Quadcore, Intel ; 8 GB Ram
 - Nvidia Geforce 9800GT + orignal driver from nvidia + cuda sdk

The binary libraries are in the classloader path. The code line is
val glp = GLProfile.getDefault // Language: Scala

Where is my mistake?