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Re: Happy New Year .. Catching up ..

Sven Gothel
On Tuesday, January 11, 2011 01:23:28 Sven Gothel wrote:

> Happy New Year Everybody :)
> Yup, it's a bit late, I know.
> My status (catching up):
> 1) I currently catch up with changes I made due to JOGL's GLCapabilities
>    collection and choosing incl. a public 'getAvailableCapabilities(..)' method.
> 2) Merging patches (Wade, Julien, ..)
> 2.1) To all who changed existing files, pls don't make unnecessary white code changes,
>      since such will make review harder and force me to do more work.
>      Rule of thumb: Use the existing spacing of the file/method you are changing !
> 3) Cont with stabilization and fixes
> Since I am currently busy with some paperwork
> and my relocation this week (same city, new appartment),
> I may return to 'my normal response time' a bit later then (1-2 weeks).

Just got back online again and doing the above janitor work :)

After that .. I will browse through the forum/ML.

Laters, Sven