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— by Michael Bien Michael Bien
  all AWT dependencies are now separated in JOGL 2. Whenever you miss
something take a look if you can find a AWT* version of the class you
used usually.


have fun,

On 03/10/2011 05:48 PM, AlexRNL [via jogamp] wrote:

> Hi,
> I am quite new to JOGL and I have some questions about a feature implemented
> in JOGL 1.1.2 which seems to be missing in JOGL 2.0. :(
> What I want to do is using a BufferedImage in an JOGL Texture object. The
> last stable release of JOGL released by Sun (1.1.2) provided the following
> method :
> TextureData
> com.sun.opengl.util.texture.TextureIO.newTextureData(BufferedImage
> bufferedimage, boolean flag);
> But when i set up JOGL 2.0, the only ways to create a texture data object
> are via files, streams or URLs. I have tried to transform my buffered image
> in a stream but with no success...
> So my question is, does JOGL 2.0 allows to load a BufferedImage into a
> Texture object ?
> If yes, can someone help me with that, that'd be great :)
> If no, I'm interested in knowing why! Does the function of JOGL 1.1.2 was
> 'bad' in any way ? Will it be implemented in future versions of JOGL ?
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