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Exception while executing a 3D kernel
— by suleman suleman

While using the clEnqueueNDRangeKernel (with 3 dimensional kernel) i got following exception,
I have created a PointerBuffer and passed an array in this buffer, then the pointer buffer is passed to the "putNDRangeKernel" call. What mistake am i doing here??

Code sample:

          PointerBuffer offSets = PointerBuffer.allocate(1);
          offSets.put(globalWorkOffsets, 0, 1);
                       device.getCommandQueue().putNDRangeKernel(clkernel, 3, offSets, globalSizes, localSizes);

com.jogamp.opencl.CLException: Argument "global_work_offset" was not a direct buffer
        at com.jogamp.opencl.impl.CLAbstractImpl.clEnqueueNDRangeKernel(
        at com.jogamp.opencl.CLCommandQueue.putNDRangeKernel(