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Re: OpenCL 1.1 for nvidia GPUs
— by Michael Bien Michael Bien

On 08/08/2011 02:50 PM, Mark C [via jogamp] wrote:

> Hey,
> Found this on the nvidia OpenCL site today and I just thought that it might
> be of interest.
>>   OpenCL v1.1 support is included in publicly available NVIDIA drivers
>> version 280.13 or later on the driver download page.
> Source
> The drivers are beta and personally I haven't tried them yet. Also the
> release notes don't mention anything about OpenCL. I was pretty disappointed
> when I found out that nvidia didn't have OpenCL 1.1 support but I'm feeling
> a little better about it now.
> Great work with this site and libs, by the way, it's a massive source of
> info for beginners like myself. Keep up the good work.
> Cheers,
> Mark

Hello Mark,

yes this are good news - all major vendors supporting now OpenCL 1.1.
However I saw a few regressions in the GL-CL interoperability area. For
example i did not manage to share buffers between an AMD or Intel CL
(CPU) and a NV GL (GPU) context. Lets hope this is only a bug.