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Re: some stuff doesn't work (AMD, Windows 7x64)
— by Michael Bien Michael Bien
  On 08/09/2011 07:42 AM, gwarf [via jogamp] wrote:

> I have here this system:
> Windows 7x64
> Athlon II x4
> AMD Radeon 5830
> Catalyst 11.7
> APP SDK 2.5
> using jocl-0.9-b377-20110728-windows-i586.7z binaries
> Of the online demos, only the info and the opengl/cl interop demo works, the
> other ones seem to have a CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE error.
> On my own code, I also get the CL_BUILD_PROGRAM_FAILURE when I use the CPU
> device, so there's probably a relation.
jocl will post the build log if the compilation failed. Does it show

>   On some of my newer code, I get JVM
> stackoverflow crashes that I haven't yet been able to track down (probably
> related to sloppy coding).
a stackoverflow shouldn't be JOCL's fault since it does not deal much
with recursion. If you think it is JOCL's fault, please post the stack
trace and provide a test reproducing the issue if possible.

> I have switched a while ago from the same AMD cpu with an Nvidia Fermi GPU
> where everything worked fine with the same "new" code (both AMD CPU and NV
> GPU OpenCL devices) using an older version of the APP SDK.
it is possible that a OpenCL program which works on driver A will fail
on driver B. So you will have to test on all drivers if you take it serious.