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— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
On 03/09/2012 06:48 PM, Michael Bien [via jogamp] wrote:

>   hi michael (notzed),
> i am still subscribed to this list and i am using jocl basically
> fulltime. However i am either working on frameworks on top of jocl
> (distributed computing and similar stuff) or writing kernels but use
> only a small fraction of the CL 1.2 api. So your feedback is always
> appreciated :)
Hi Micheal[s] and all [JOCL] interested parties.

First of all, good to hear from you Michael [Bien].

The JogAmp branch of JOCL currently differs from Michael Bien's branch
due to some differences in the past, which shall be of no concern.

In my role as the JogAmp lead, I have to try to 'solve' the maintenance
problem in regards to JOCL, incl. merges, unit test and device support.

Putting personal differences aside, the goal is to have 'once again'
a well maintained JogAmp JOCL module playing well along with all
other modules - a one stop shop for processing .. etc.

The ideal solution would be if Michael Bien picks up the job [again]
and prepares a pull request. In detail required changes are:

  - Realign the copyright notice of files (Personal -> JogAmp Community),
    which was agreed upon.

  - Realign to JogAmp's GlueGen. I already did this task while merging
    his tree, until the (c) change appeared.

  - Continuing at least in an upstream/downstream maintenance model,
    where original experimental changes may happen in MB's JOCL
    but we always commit to merge both branches - and communicate.

  - Respecting the process & roles

If the above is not possible for whatever reasons, we need to find a solution
for JOCL. As mentioned before, this might be done by interested
and skilled parties together.

Fortunately there seems some resolution on the horizon
which includes master students and some industry interest and sponsoring.

If having such wider support and maybe even Michael Bien's cooperation
we could reach the goal of platform agnostic OpenAL, OpenGL, OpenCL, etc
across platforms and devices in harmony - once again.

Well, however this is done - we will get it done :)

Cheers, Sven

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