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— by Michael Bien Michael Bien
On 03/11/2012 08:19 AM, notzed [via jogamp] wrote:
Hi Michael,

Michael Bien wrote
hi michael (notzed),

i am still subscribed to this list and i am using jocl basically
fulltime. However i am either working on frameworks on top of jocl
(distributed computing and similar stuff) or writing kernels but use
only a small fraction of the CL 1.2 api. So your feedback is always
appreciated :)
Ok thanks for the background.  Yes I am barely touching the 1.1 stuff, and this was one case of it.
lets take a look at CLEvents.
I remember i had a reason why i didn't add that.. but don't know what it
was. I will just go ahead and add a few utility methods (add(CLEvent)
and add(CLEventList)) and see how it works or where the problem was.

what was your other usecase regarding events again?
Basically I want to pass (CLEventList condition, CLEventList event) as arguments to a function, and have that function participate in the global CL event scheduling as if it were any other enqueue() call: including the case where that function is just (e.g. multi-threaded) Java code.  This seems to be what user events are for.

The only reason I could imagine not to expose it in that way would be to hide the reference counting issues (e.g. passing ownership or not).
yep makes sense. You could return a new list as workaround but thats uncool from resource management perspective.

i noticed as i wrote that that the list basically works now like a stack. I will take a look the next time i work on jocl if i can implement a single-ended queue interface of the collection api and add the missing pop/pull methods.


best regards,

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