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Re: JOAL Couln't load native AL library
— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
On 11/07/2012 04:19 PM, Jkrzysztof [via jogamp] wrote:
> I cleared Java temp files and cache, but it didn't help.


I guess we would need full debug information now,
pls check FAQ/Bugreport .. and how to add the debug properties
for applets (i.e. set it w/ your java control panel,
  jnlp.jogamp.debug=all, jnlp.joal.debug=all, jnlp.jogl.debug=all etc
and enable log/trace in applets .. remove all prev. logs.

Then pls paste the trace file of your failed attempt here,
it should contain lot's of jogamp related information.


> BR

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