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Re: Avoid confusion, improve JogAmp's visibility
— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
On 11/21/2012 02:08 PM, io7m [via jogamp] wrote:
> That is a problem.
> Any ideas?

Well, we are not the world police of JogAmp/JOGL links and material :)

However, I guess we already have mentioned *old* stuff in our wiki/tutorial,
i.e. linked in a separate section.
Ofc .. we can cont. this and add more links to old stuff ..

Same goes for NB GL pack,
maybe we can mention this in our IDE wiki, i.e. to not use it.

Then we can also contact maintainers of said links and registry,
but since those *old* things might be no more maintained,
nobody might care anymore - dunno.

IMHO .. that is all what we can do, publish our findings here,
notify 'upstream' .. done.

Over time everything will be fine. IMO the situation is already
better, i.e. people do find our resource pretty easily via
various search engines already. We are ranked almost on the top.

Our avg. page stats 2012:
  11k-16k Unique visitors
  20k-30k Visits
  700k-930k Hits
  130-220 GB Bandwidth

This month 20% of views went to the Wiki start page:
  *      113,050
  /wiki/  28,837


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