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Re: Experimental build -pre4 released - OSX testers wanted
— by Kenji Saito Kenji Saito

Thank you for your acceptance of my proposal. But my explanation was
not sufficient. The patch is not written by me. I just simply found it
using google. So, I don't have the right of it. I did not think that
there is a problem of license, because this patch is attached to
java3d bug report page... Should we abandon?

If we can include the patch to Java 3D, I think I can provide
another test case for this bug under any license. Please let me know
the conditions of the test case, if necessary.

> Also, have you been using my forked version of Java3d?
> Please let me know how it has behaved for you.

Yes, I use your java3d-core, java3d-utils and vecmath from
<>. And I apply the patch to
your java3d-core. (and jogamp-rc11)

I could not have enough time to test carefully. But for now,
it works almost fine for me. One problem is that JCanvas3D
(light weight Canvas3D) is not displayed without error messages.
This problem occurs on Windows, MacOSX, Linux.
But, I can not determine where the mistake is. (java3d or my program?)
If I find some trouble in java3d, I will report it.

Best regards.