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Happy New Year - Where is the Release ?
— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
Dear All,

1st of all I like to thank you for all the support, help
and last but not least for _using_ our stuff @ JogAmp.
[Nope .. we will continue :]

Happy new year - 2013!
(Well, at my longitude we have still a few hours left (7) to kiss complete strangers on the streets :)

So .. where is the release, a.k.a version 2.0.n ?
After punching a lot of bugs and also promised
to release it _this_ year, it is postponed for a few more days :)

Well, I like to put in some 'minor' API changes 1st:
  - GLAutoDrawable: Set dedicated thread for current context,
    allowing skipping the context switch.

  - Migrate ES3 and GL4.3

  - NEWT MouseWheel Scroll: int -> float

This will be done next week, and as promised we
will drop the 'RC' suffix and release 2.0.2.
2.0.2, b/c Xerxes found a mentioned version name 2.0.1
in the API docs :)

After that, we simply continue increasing the bug/minor number
and we will still do RC's .. and maven SNAPSHOTs .. ofc.

So business as usual .. and again, happy NEW YEAR.

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