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Re: Roadmap 2.0.2 / SIGGRAPH 2013 Update
— by gouessej gouessej
hharrison wrote
Thanks for tracking that down Julien, I've sent a message upstream and hoepfully they are still around.

I wonder if they were hitting the memory use problem with BoundingBoxes that I fixed a long while ago (cut class memory use by ~50% as Java3d uses a _ton_ of them internally).
You're welcome. I don't know whether it has something to do with this case of  high memory footprint.

hharrison wrote
Are you in contact with anyone already, or did you just go digging yourself to find this?
I'm already in contact with them. It would be fine if you could integrate their changes if they don't break anything so that I can use the next version of Java3D with OSM-3D.
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