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— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
On 10/13/2014 04:26 PM, elect [via jogamp] wrote:

>     gouessej wrote
>     I don't think it would be decisive to spread the platform but I don't
>     disagree with other arguments. However:
>     - How would we migrate from Nabble without breaking the permalinks?
>     - Who would do the install and the migration?
>     - Is it worth the effort? There are less than ten people frequently
>     posting here.
> 1) I dont know, we will figure it out if possible and if yes, how
> 2) I can do a preliminary test, installing it in a test scenario and checking
> how is running, then if everything looks fine, migrate definitely
> 3) Look goussej, the problem of having few people might also come from the
> poor usability of the forum and the a-little-confusing website. So to answer
> this, for a very short term no, it is not worth. For a long term, yes.
> Anyway I would do it with pleasure, I took already a look at the installation,
> it seems relatively easy and fast. What it takes more is the customization and
> tuning.
> Obviously my 2 cents :)
All good, and thx for your thoughts.

We discussed this month ago, i.e. hosting a forum/mailinglist
on directly.

And yes, we go stuck in importing it.

Mark Raynsford did some digging already, i.e. patching the nabble DB,
which we put in hold due to resources.

I invite Mark to rejoin this discussion.

For me personally, I only use this forum via its mailinglist feature,
i.e. I only see and reply posts as email - yes, me an old dog :)

So for me: whatever flies with importing nabble emails,
but I want my plain old mailinglist/email 'frontend'.

Cheers, Sven

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