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— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
On 10/16/2014 08:16 AM, elect [via jogamp] wrote:

>     Sven Gothel wrote
>     @Mark: Thank you for summarizing this task, I agree in all points of course.
>     @Elect: Maybe you can test importing the nabble DB into,
>             ensuring preserved URIs.
>             If you need the DB dump, pls send me a private email
>             and I will give you an URI for it.
>             Mark already once tested importing as you can read in the IRC log.
>     ~Sven
> Ok, I need to know first how is the current situation,

> where is hosted now the the forum?

our forum is currently hosted at Nabble

> How much does it cost?

- Nabble services: zero, but they earn money w/ advertisement.

- For us in general:

Quite a lot, actually:
  - we need to trust them dealing with our valuable forum communication
  - allow them to track posts, identities and earning money via ads

If we switch, our costs will be:
  - maintenance of another service (long term)
  - establish forum/mailinglist solution (one time)

I added you as well to

I personally would prefer Mark driving the task for now,
while we assist.

If it is not possible to migrate the old DB in a reasonable time,
we may simply add references and host the new forum on a new subdomain,
as Mark suggested.

Cheers, Sven

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