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Re: Java3d 1.6.0-pre12 released: requires jogl 2.3.1
— by gouessej gouessej
Manu wrote
As you know, it's just a question of drivers, not about virtualization. And buggy drivers can be found under many PCs.
Java3D 1.6.0 is more robust than Java3D 1.5 as it relies on JOGL which contains numerous renderer quirks with no equivalent in the buggy native renderers of Java3D 1.5. I don't see how Java3D 1.5 could work better as OpenGL was used by default in it in some cases and the Direct3D renderer was by far the most buggy part of Java3D.

Manu wrote
From Xerxes RĂ„nby's comment, I feared that Java 3D 1.6 targets only recent computers.
It's open source, you can look at the code by yourself, we use the fixed pipeline everywhere. Maybe there was a small misunderstanding.

Manu wrote
As said in the past, I use Parallels to test Sweet Home 3D under Windows and Linux and that's the main reason why I won't use Java 3D 1.6 under Windows and Linux. If I can't test it properly under my own test configuration, why would I deliver it to the thousands of Sweet Home 3D users?
There are other means of testing Java applications on a Mac but under different operating systems and I remind you that there are numerous free of charge GNU Linux distros you can install. Sven succeeded in installing Debian on a Macbook Pro 3.1, I'm still trying to install Mageia on the same machine, rEFIt and rEFInd are helpful. You can install Windows on a Mac with Boot Camp, can't you? This excellent tutorial in French might be useful. It's logical that we don't have to fix Parallels' bugs but please post a comment on its forum and we'll try to cooperate. As I said in the past, it crashes on the very first OpenGL command, it's still the same than with the older pre builds, we can't make it work without the help of Parallels' team.
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