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NEWT is a windowing toolkit, not a GUI toolkit. There is an API in JOGL for GUI widgets (buttons, sliders, ...) but it requires shaders and I don't see a lot of developers using it. You can find some GUI toolkits in some engines with JOGL backends except Java3D.

NEWT supports Android but there is an important lack of documentation on this aspect.

NEWT doesn't support iOS and there is no plan of changing that. It's a very constrained environment. I remind you that there are a very few Java APIs supporting iOS, even JavaFX doesn't support iOS flawlessly out of the box yet.

NEWT works under GNU Linux, OS X and Windows too. You're not accurate enough about OS X. Numerous end users still run the obsolete Apple JRE, even Apple discourages its use, JogAmp isn't responsible for poor OpenGL drivers even though we do our best to work around some driver bugs (see our GL quirks), I remind you that Java3D 1.3 + JOGL 1 are still installed by default under OS X 10 which can cause some conflicts and crashes with Java3D 1.6 but not with Java3D 1.7.0 and Swing isn't part of JOGL, it's part of the Java standard API. Feel free to provide some complete test cases to reproduce those crashes under OS X, feel some bug reports and we'll see what we can do.
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