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Re: Gluegen apk won't install on Android 6 (Marshmallow)
— by jmaasing jmaasing
kjkrum wrote
- Why does gluegen parse C headers instead of the Registry XML from which the C headers are derived?  Was the XML not available when gluegen was originally created?  Would gluegen benefit in any way from being converted to use the XML?

- I noticed from reading the code that JOGL relies on global state.  Global state is especially evil on Android because of the way the framework manages activities and other components.  I also noticed some comments hinting at problems caused by this.  Could this be avoided without breaking compatibility with other platforms that JOGL supports?
I don't know much about the Android  stuffs but I think I can give a hint about these two.

Gluegen is a java<->C binding. OpenGL (and it's versions like GLES2) are published as a specification document and the platform driver (windows OSX et c) provides implementations of the specification with C-headers. JOGL is 'simply' a Java binding to the OpenGL C API.

OpenGL has global state, maybe it is this you are referring to? Nothing JOGL can do about it, this is the way OpenGL is specified and the state is maintained in the graphics driver.