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— by Xerxes Rånby Xerxes Rånby
adi wrote
Thanks für your Hints.
I will test the TextRegionUtil than as a separate 3D Object
in a scenegraph in my own opengl 4.5 Renderer, so i need no
old fixed pipeline commands for positioning.
Neat, do you have a project homepage for your scenegraph?

adi wrote
The TextRegionUtil class ist only für 3D and not for 2D designed?
All JogAmp JOGL API follow Mathematics and is using Cartesian coordinate systems.
We think 2D designs should use Cartesian coordinate systems as well hence no need to have a special 2D version of the API with a what we think is crazy "inverted TV scan-line" coordinate system.
Programmer friendly 2D API's should use:
• 2D regular Cartesian grid
• Origin (0, 0) at the lower left (OpenGL convention)
• Pixels are defined at intersections

adi wrote
What does is the variable 'sampleCount' do?
If you read the paper
In what follows,  we will present a View Based Anti Alias-
ing (VBAA) technique for dealing with skinny small shapes,
such as tiny text and condensed P&ID cad drawings.  This
step is optional since a one pass rendering will provide good
results,  but to get a crisp overall image an additional ren-
dering pass is required.
sampleCount is used for this additional rendering pass to produce the VBAA technique.

adi wrote
I have loaded an own ttf font,
but with maven dependencies for Ubunto font there are problems to load with maven:
I use this:

an got the error:
File not found in maven Repo org\jogamp\jogl\jogl-all\2.3.2\atomic\jogl-fonts-p0.jar
jogl-fonts-p0.jar is part of jogl test package containing the junit tests
unfortunately I do not know what maven dependency and artiactId you need to add to have the test packages added. I hope someone with more maven expertise can help you locate the right depencency and artifactId to include this jar containing the fonts. At least it is correct that it is not intended to be included the the jogl-all-main since jogl-fonts-p0.jar is part of the junit tests.