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Issue with X server lock from jogl
— by huy1912 huy1912
I've encountered with locking of X server, below is the scenario

 - Java application, aka APP1, is using jogl to draw on the canvas
 - Another java application, aka APP2, is developed by third party. The APP2 is used to record the display output from the APP1. And the APP2 will be exited if no output is captured for more than 5 seconds. Because of proprietary of APP2, I don't know how the APP2 has been implemented in details.

Sometimes, when I checked the log, I found that APP2 had exited due to APP2 was unable to capture the display for more than 5 seconds. I've contacted the third party guy, he told me that the reason of APP2 not being able to capture the display due to the X server was being locked by APP1.

Has anyone known whether the X server is being locked during drawing? If it's being locked, whether it causes any side effect as described by third party guy above?