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GLFW doesn't support Android unlike NEWT and as far as I remember, I succeeded in making JInput work with JOGL within JogAmp's Ardor2D Continuation several years ago, it should work. If you don't succeed in using JInput whereas it works somehow and it's designed to support controllers, I don't see how switching to another API would help.

Moreover, this forum isn't the right place to promote any JogAmp competitor. You're free to choose any APIs that fit into your needs but I moderate this forum and I don't want yet another endless nonconstructive debate at this subject.

Finally, I planned to add a new input API into NEWT (instead of integrating a flavor of JInput inside JOGL) several years ago but it requires noticeable changes in the current APIs, it has been postponed to JOGL 2.4.0. Feel free to contribute.
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