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— by gouessej gouessej
Personally, I prefer disabling the automated native library loading which isn't designed to work with modules, setting the Java library path if necessary and calling initSingleton() when I activate the bundle. Of course, if a smarter solution works, it will be better for the community but if you still have to tinker Mark's bundles, other options will remain useful.

I'm sorry to contradict you but there were already several major frameworks available 10 years ago, especially JMonkeyEngine and 3DzzD (Ardor3D and JogAmp's Ardor3D Continuation appeared a lot later).

What do you mean by "web frontend"? Applets are dead and Java Webstart has become very painful to use. If you look for something "modern" to handle modules, why not using Java Platform Module System (available in Java 1.9) instead of OSGI?

Edit.: There is obviously nothing wrong with Aviatrix3D.
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