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— by gouessej gouessej
The part starting with "All GLEventListener callbacks and other internal OpenGL context management are now performed on one thread" is still true. When you use NEWT, it has its own threads, it separates input management and OpenGL. When you use AWT, our implementation uses AWT to perform OpenGL calls but keep in mind that then you have to perform the OpenGL calls both on the AWT EDT and when the OpenGL context is current on this thread.

Yes, there are still this kind of issues in some more "modern" drivers, I had this problem again when I couldn't use a build-in mechanism of JOGL within JogAmp's Ardor3D Continuation, I wasted several weeks on this :s It seems to affect mainly Intel drivers under Windows but I can't be more accurate yet, I can't be 100% affirmative.

Nobody forces you to use global variables. If your commands are well designed as immutable objects, what's wrong with passing them to JOGL? You can already get some information without using glGet after the context has been property created and initialized.
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