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I'm not sure the origin of the quote "JogAmp's Ardor3D Continuation doesn't behave exactly as Java3D" must be a bug, it certainly was not me. In the related topic "Concept of Java3D's OrderedGroup" it was stated that children of a Node are rendered in reverse order - nothing fancy. I understood, perhaps incorrectly, this would be the case even with the depth test disabled (no ZBufferState). In fact, it does work this way, except for Textures. That's why I mentioned Java3D, since Jogamp Ardor3D ostensibly supports ordered rendering of children, and I know it works with Java3D1.6 + JOGL, it seems reasonable to suppose the difference is with Jogamp Ardor3D itself not JOGL. I think the code I provided is fairly rudimentary (simpler in some ways than the Ardor3D example code). The main difference is that the latter doesn't make dynamic changes to the Scene attached to CanvasRenderer. You stated your wish to investigate, so I provided something which demonstrates the issue. How would an expert such as yourself approach this problem, I have no idea what a "bucket"  is, I would assume that modifying the zbuffer would be exclusively at the OpenGL level, and drawing/addition order in the Spatial is already seen not to give the correct results. I use the word correct, because it's been stated on this forum that the desired behavior is supported.