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Re: Crash on Macos using Java 9
— by gouessej gouessej
It's dangerous, it's not a reliable solution, please stop using the forum to advertise this kind of "trick". The real solution consists in fixing the release of some resources that causes a crash under OS X + Java 1.9. The "trick" works around the real bug and has some nasty side effects, someone will complain about an abnormal high memory footprint... The fact that you don't see the problem in your particular case doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

I advise you to switch back to the official build in production. Promoting a low quality workaround and encouraging people to use an unofficial self-made build not only for testing purposes don't help the community. Doug Lyon's build should be used only for test.

P.S: Doug Lyon's build doesn't contain a fix of mine affecting some GNU Linux users. You have what you deserve :)
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