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Re: Crash on Macos using Java 9
— by ncollier ncollier
I ran the JOGLQuadExample under Java 10.

iMac:Downloads nick$ java --version
java 10.0.1 2018-04-17
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment 18.3 (build 10.0.1+10)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 18.3 (build 10.0.1+10, mixed mode)

If I quit it, using command-Q (Apple's standard app quit) then I don't get any error. If I close the window explicitly then I get the JRE crash

I've put the log for that here:'

I tried 'java -jar jogamp-fat-test.jar' again, I don't get a JRE crash in either case. However, if I try to close the window, it goes blank and hangs and I have to force quit. If I quit with  command-Q, I get:

Exception in thread "main-AWTAnimator#00" com.jogamp.opengl.util.AnimatorBase$UncaughtAnimatorException: com.jogamp.opengl.GLException: Caught ThreadDeath: null on thread main-AWTAnimator#00
        at com.jogamp.opengl.util.AWTAnimatorImpl.display(
        at com.jogamp.opengl.util.AnimatorBase.display(
        at com.jogamp.opengl.util.Animator$
        at java.base/
Caused by: com.jogamp.opengl.GLException: Caught ThreadDeath: null on thread main-AWTAnimator#00
        at com.jogamp.opengl.GLException.newGLException(
        at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGLImpl(
        at jogamp.opengl.GLDrawableHelper.invokeGL(
        at com.jogamp.newt.opengl.GLWindow.display(
        at com.jogamp.opengl.util.AWTAnimatorImpl.display(
        ... 3 more
Caused by: java.lang.ThreadDeath
        at java.base/java.lang.Thread.stop(
        at com.jogamp.newt.opengl.GLWindow$GLLifecycleHook$
        at java.base/ Method)
        at com.jogamp.newt.opengl.GLWindow$GLLifecycleHook.shutdownRenderingAction(
        at jogamp.newt.WindowImpl.shutdown(
        at jogamp.newt.WindowImpl.shutdownAll(
        at jogamp.newt.DisplayImpl$
        at com.jogamp.nativewindow.NativeWindowFactory.shutdown(
        at com.jogamp.nativewindow.NativeWindowFactory$2$
        ... 1 more

Hope this helps.

If I could get the details of the bug report, I could probably look into this further. Thanks.