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Re: JOGL 2.3.3 state of progress
— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
Thank you Julien & Everybody,

JogAmp Server Update has been completed as follows:

- Linux Node (AMD) incl JogAmp updated to Debian 9 Stretch.
- Windows Node (NVidia) updated to Windows 10.
- MacOSX Node (Intel) updated to OSX 10.10.X

- Dropped builds and nodes: linux-i586 linux-armv6 windows-i586
                            solaris-i586 solaris-amd64

- Dropped signing

- All nodes currently use either OpenJDK 8 (Linux)
- or Oracle's JDK 8 (Windows + MacOSX).

- Next step would be to use OpenJDK 11 for all platforms,
  is that correct? Or would JDK 9 suffice for now?

- There is currently an aggregated test build
  Erroneously this one is tagged version 2.4.0 .. but maybe we keep it this way,
  will see.

Next Release Work

- Either 2.3.3 or if not binary backwards compatible 2.4.0
- Fix Bugzilla and Wiki entries for this release, i.e. pick bugs/features

My Role until next release

- I can integrate and merge your fixes, you have tested
- I need to complete one new feature in the next days: JavaFX integration

Cheers, Sven

On 10/11/18 12:58 AM, gouessej [via jogamp] wrote:

> Good evening
> I know that some people have been waiting for the next maintenance release of
> JOGL for months or even years. I was personally unable to make a aggregated
> build with the current system. Moreover, as Github was bought by Microsoft, I
> decided to stop using it, I could no longer contribute to JOGL.
> The most annoying bugs concern the latest version(s) of Mesa under GNU Linux,
> some warnings under OS X as some things should be done only on the main
> thread, the crash with Java >= 1.9 and OS X when releasing some resources,
> easing the use of Java >= 1.9 by adding some exports and following some
> conventions to make JOGL more module-friendly and the HiDPI support under
> Windows. Most of them should be fixed in JOGL 2.3.3 but some of them might be
> fixed in another maintenance release (JOGL 2.3.4?) or in JOGL 2.4.0.
> As I don't want this situation to go on any longer, I will make a single build
> by manually aggregating builds done on three different operating systems and I
> will use Sourceforge instead of Github. To me, Sourceforge isn't great but I
> know it better than Gitlab and I use it only because my own server cannot
> safely be used now to host our source code.
> For now, I'll do my changes on my repositories on Sourceforge and the other
> contributors (Harvey? Xerxes?) will copy them (except the changes done to make
> the stuff work on Sourceforge, i.e renaming some sub-modules) into JogAmp's
> repositories on Github and
> I started copying the repositories Tuesday October 9th 2018. I succeeded in
> building Gluegen Wednesday October 10th 2018.
> What's the plan?
> - Succeed in building JOAL and JOGL (Wade already takes care of JOCL, doesn't
> he?)
> - Test and put numerous fixes into my repositories (write unit tests when it
> is possible too)
> - Upload a very first release candidate as soon as possible
> How can you help me?
> The 2 Giuseppe, gohai and some others suggested a lot of fixes, don't hesitate
> to make some suggestions too. It would be fine if some people could help me to
> build JOGL under Microsoft Windows and under OS X (jmaasing?) until I can do
> it by myself. As the bug tracker is still not working, I might ask some of you
> to remind me the patches we put into it, I remember at least one bug under OS
> X has a working patch in its bug report.
> If you want to give it a try, you can start by cloning my repository for Gluegen:
> git clone --recurse-submodules
> https://gouessej@.../p/gluegen/code gluegen
> Of course, your help and your encouragements are very welcome.
> By the way, JOGL rocks and it's up to us to make sure it will rock in 2019 :)
> N.B: I'm not Santa Claus. Don't expect me to make a new Java binding for the
> Vulkan API or to host a brand new forum. *Please concentrate on fixing the bugs*.
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> <>
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