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— by gouessej gouessej
Hello Sven

I notice that Jenkins has been alive anew since Yesterday, thank you :) The bug tracker works too :D

I should end writing a very long article that took most of my spare time during 9 months, I still have a problem with the fix for the bug 1357 but some Gohai's fixes (except for the bug 1290?) should be integrated and merged. As I'm going to leave Github very soon, I'll send you my patches by email. I'm going to look at Bugzilla and the wiki entries.

Is there a plan to use OpenJDK from AdoptOpenJDK under Windows and OS X?

I would feel more comfortable with a LTS version of Java (i.e Java 1.11), I have some work to do to make it more convenient so that the developers don't have to use tons of flags to run a software based on JOGL with Java >= 1.9.

Thank you so much.
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