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Re: JOGL 2.3.3 state of progress
— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
On 12/11/18 11:14 AM, gouessej [via jogamp] wrote:
> Hello Sven
> I notice that Jenkins has been alive anew since Yesterday, thank you :) The
> bug tracker works too :D

Yup, jenkins update took a little longer. Test nodes had to adapt some launch

> I still have a problem with the fix for the bug 1357

> but some
> Gohai's fixes (except for the bug 1290?) should be integrated and merged.
Is there a number for 'Gohai fixes'?
Yes, earlier this year I merged what was available and what looked good.
Thank you all!

> As
> I'm going to leave Github very soon, I'll send you my patches by email. I'm
> going to look at Bugzilla and the wiki entries.

> Is there a plan to use OpenJDK from AdoptOpenJDK under Windows and OS X?
Yes, something OpenJDK I guess.

> I would feel more comfortable with a LTS version of Java (i.e Java 1.11), I
> have some work to do to make it more convenient so that the developers don't
> have to use tons of flags to run a software based on JOGL with Java >= 1.9.

JOGL won't change in this regard, i.e. we still are backwards compatible to
old Java and I see no need to change the implementation for cosmetics.

I talk about the test and build infrastructure here.
One thing we could use for deployment is the new bundling maybe,
matching those profiles - what we did years ago w/ JiGong :)

> Thank you so much.

Thank you Julien and everybody else.

Best regards, Sven