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Image as texture problem with large image ?
— by Mabula Haverkamp Mabula Haverkamp
Dear support,

I am using JOGL in my astrophotography package Astro Pixel Processor.

I have a problem with large images and I am wondering if the error is familiar to you.

If a big image (2GB large in 32bit Float format) is loaded as a texture, then in some occasions the image data is not shown correctly on the texture.  Instead the image is not visible and we are left with a texture with something like a rainbow...

Visible here:

The image should look like this:

When a large image is loaded, I do check if the image dimensions are not larger than the maximum texture size, which in this case it isn't. So I am loading it as 1 texture.

This error seems to occur only when large images like this are concerned. This particular image has dimensions of


pixels in RGB format. The maximum textures size = 16384 in this case, so I would think the image can be loaded as 1 texture.

Is this error familiar? Do I perhaps need to check for another opengl capability besides the maximum texture size here?

It seems to be related possibly to Surface Scale other than 1.0, for instance on Mac Retina displays, but I am not sure yet, I will do further testing.

Mabula Haverkamp