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— by Bernhard Kilger Bernhard Kilger

Thanks for your answer. I'm happy to have found competent partners who are ready to take care of my problems.

Indeed I've got several problems:

First of all there is this damned difficulty to access, which is well known to you. Some years ago I succeeded already implementing JOGL, but I were using a publication of Jim X Chen & Chunyang Chen: Foundations of 3D Graphics Programming using JOGL and Java3D, Springer London, 2008. In this publication I found a link to, where I could download all the Java examples in this book. All programs could be compiled and run without errors. However, this Website seems to be out-of-date today, and is also unaccessable.

My second question concerns the module Jogl.dll. Is it necessary or not? Some authors claim that it is not, and under JOGL 2 everything would be bound automatically. However, I couldn't find anything about "JOGL 2", and, moreover, omitting the module in the library path will lead surely to the message "no jogl found". Now please tell me: What's about Jogl.dll? I've got it from the examples of J Chen mentioned above, but all the libraries got from in earlier times did not contain any Jogl.dll (only gluegen-rt.dll, jogl-cg.dll and some others).

Finally, third, I've got problems migrating my programs to Windows 7 64 Bit. I already posted some documents to Julien Gouesse, containing the source, the error free result of the program under Windows 32 Bit, and the error output in the case of using exact the same program under Windows 64 Bit. There is some persistant error concerning class casting, and I guess that it must be a compatibility problem with the dlls.

By the way, please excuse my unprofessional style of speech. I'm a real German, and it's the first time that I'm participating in an English forum discussion.

Best regards from

Bernhard Kilger, Pulheim, Germany

Am 15.03.2019 um 11:56 schrieb Wade Walker [via jogamp]:
You're right, it's down again. Sorry, I'm not sure of the cause. Hopefully Sven is aware.

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