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Hi Bernhard,

In JOGL 2 for several years now, separate .dll files haven't been necessary. They're hidden inside gluegen-rt-natives-windows-amd64.jar and jogl-all-natives-windows-amd64.jar, and they're secretly unzipped into a temp directory somewhere on your system when you load the first JOGL class. You can see the exact JAR files I use at, though these are not official releases and they may be overkill for your situation (e.g. if you don't have to deploy on all 3 desktop platforms).

I'm not sure what the difficulty is with Windows 7 64-bit. One of the disadvantages of Sven not being around much these days is that we don't have access to his test cluster, which had these older operating systems that we could test on. I only do unofficial releases for my own use, so I can only test on the latest versions of the desktop OSes and the latest Java that are installed on my own computers.