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Bernhard Kilger wrote
But it was a lot of work, because half the references to the OpenGL classes didn't match any more (for example GL2 instead of GL, and so on). It was a rather desperate work, like poking in a haystack! But now I'm ready again using Windows 64 Bit.
We're not to blame. You initially used JOGL 1 which was obsolete and unmaintained since about 2010. If you had asked for help here, I would have helped you, I ported tons of source code from JOGL 1 to JOGL 2.

Bernhard Kilger wrote
On the other hand, I have got the equivalent problem trying the same on my second PC, here working with 32 Bit Windows. It seems to be impossible to establish the right JOGL libraries and jar's. The compiler runs without errors, but the execution leads to ClassLoader problems, for instance concerning WriteClonable in the display section, among others.
It would be nice, if I could get a reliable step by step instruction to run the correct binding of JOGL, based an the actual Java version 8.211.
I advise you to clean up the mess on your machine to avoid any conflict and to use jogamp-fat.jar to make it simple and less error prone for you. Are you sure that you don't mix JOGL 1 and JOGL 2? Please post the complete stack trace.
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