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— by Michael Bien Michael Bien
please refer to the wiki pages on there is a section for each project with links to the repositories.

we are basically online since yesterday. Please be patient, the move is not complete yet.

(btw i believe i accidentally removed your last post (I got a NullPointerException as i tried to move the post)... sorry about that).

to answer a subset of your questions:

dante4d wrote
So the bottom line is:
 - Where are the current and correct build instructions for jogl (the *
INSTALL* file for example)? Are they yet to be written?
 - Could the gluegen library be moved into it's own package, or better, can
I build it alone and then just use it somehow to create the glue code when
building jogl?
gluegen is an independent project and should build out of the box if you have ANT 1.8 + JDK 6 + on the right place.
If gluegen works you can try jogl and the other projects since all depend on gluegen (and jocl depends on jogl).

Just make sure you have all projects in the same folder and the dependencies are resolved automatically.

hope that helps,

best regards,