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— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
On Tuesday, June 08, 2010 19:23:41 alatnet [via jogamp] wrote:
> well isnt that fun...
> I primarily just have to change a few things over such as changing GL to
> GL4bc (cus it inherits everything below GL4bc). along with fixing other
> small things.

If your app was using OpenGL 1.5 - 2.x,
then GL2 is what you probably want:

  public void init(GLAutoDrawable drawable) {
    GL2 gl = drawable.getGL().getGL2();

look at jogl-demos, many scripts in there tell you what you need to
include in your classpath and library path.

might give you an overview, you only need the -all- types without cdc.

> Speaking of, how the heck do i now use the texture utilities (e.g.
> TextureIO, TextureData, etc.)?


> Along with that, WHAT HAPPENED TO VBO!?