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— by Sven Gothel Sven Gothel
On Friday, June 18, 2010 02:20:35 Malte [via jogamp] wrote:

> Hey Sven,
> wow - what a quick response.
> You are right, I was quite imprecise - but you still guessed it right ;-)
> I think this will fix my problems - I just did not think of the word
> "handle" for the thing I was looking.
> Just as an info: What I basically want to do is using gstreamer, which has a
> (i think quite experimental) glupload plugins. It can copy video streams
> into an opengl texture. By sharing the context with that plugin, and using
> JOGL + java-gstreamer this should be doable with java, too.

Malte, if you have some time .. why don't you help fixing/doing the OpenMAX port for desktop ?

I already tested some openmax on an embedded device, worked great,
so .. we would need some experimentation on desktop, if time allows.

Common goal, video streaming using the same API on desktop/mobile.


> But at the moment, I am trying to hack some kind of prototype together, to
> see if this is REALLY possible.
> Thanks for the help ... Thumps up!
> Malte
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