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2.1.4-rc-20131222 RC Test

Sven Gothel
Dear All,

turned that 2.1.3 had issues:
  - Bug 928: OSX CALayer regression
  - Bug 925, 852, 929: Mesa/AMD ES3 context, and ES3/ES2 Compatibility
  - Bug 924: Fullscreen/Reparenting w/ GNU/Linux X11/Unity-WM

Since we like to end the 2.1.* cycle w/ a 'good' release,
i.e. one which works everywhere without major bugs, here is a RC:

2.1.4-rc-20131222:     - our-maven
    - <http://jogamp.org/deployment/archive/master/gluegen_757-joal_507-jogl_1182-jocl_895/>
    - <http://jogamp.org/deployment/archive/master/gluegen_757-joal_507-jogl_1182-jocl_895-signed/>

The test applets:

Overview of notable fixed bugs compared to 2.1.3:

Pls test and report issues .. or if none [major], success.

Thank you all !

Cheers, Sven

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