About jogamp projects and their maven releases

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About jogamp projects and their maven releases

Mika Laitio

I have followed the jogamp for a couple of year and tested it's usage instead of official java3d.
My feeling is that the project itself is in pretty good shape on code base point of view but the problem is that the official releases that people found out are really too many old and does not work well on Windows/Linux/Mac environments.

This have lead to many open source projects to build and bundle their own version of libraries inside the projects instead for pointing to official ones. And those projects like "Universal Gcode Sender" who still point to official maven 2.3.1 versions. That has however many big problems with latest os versions making the apps un-usable for many users due to problems that have been fixed in the latest code base. I have for example tested that all of my Universal Gcode Sender v2.0.7 graphic problems that occurs with official releases are resolved if I build local the 2.4.0 maven repo of jogamp libraries and hack the UGS project to use these local maven repositories instead of using the old 2.3.1 versions that are publicly available in maven central.

The problems I see
1) locally it's very had to build all variants of native version of libraries to be able to support all possible systems that in theory can be supported. You need x86 linux, x86 mac, x86 windows, x86 android, arm linux, arm android and arm mac builds. I do not know whether crosscompiling of these would work from example Linux host for other taget platforms.

2) Luckily there is already jenkins set up for gluegen, jocl, joal and jogl projects. If those are working the only missing things I see is how to get those pushed to maven.
(To get 2.4.0-pre1 version there for example). Another thing is it possible to setup own agent to build some of those?

3) For java3d I could find some references for building also that with maven but I could not figure out how to do that so at least I have build vecmath, java3d-core, java3d-utils and java3d-examples with ant instead and then manually created the local maven repository from those. To my understanding the latest and best code base for these is in dev1.7.1 branches and they should be build agains the latest gluegen,jocl and jogl libraries. I could try to help for getting those converted to Maven and also make buildable with Jenkins. It would be really useful to get also the latest versions of these published to maven repository.

4) If not wanting to publish directly in Maven central, maybe there could be own jogamp Maven repository for pre-release versions and once things have been tested there the build could be published also on maven central?

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Re: About jogamp projects and their maven releases


1) In my humble opinion, crosscompiling on Linux for OS X and Windows doesn't seem to be achievable.

2) It's up to Sven to reply.

3) Java3D can be built with Maven, it uses Maven since its version 1.7, I don't see the problem:

4) Yes, publishing snapshots in our development JogAmp Maven repository would help.
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