Addendum: Bug Report Requirements

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Addendum: Bug Report Requirements

Sven Gothel
Note to all 'core devs': [ZIP] File attachments w/ 'test code' is no more
acceptable - please provide proper unit tests, which we can merge
via git (pull request, email-patch, etc).

Who is a 'core dev'?
Well usually everybody here :)

Why is a [ZIP] file attachment no more acceptable?

Whether it be a simple short class file (least offending)
or even a huge ZIP file w/ IDE projects etc,
this method is asking us to put alot of time into
reproducing the issue - time which we don't have!

Please be considerate and copy one of our many
existing unit tests and patch it to fit your needs
on your very own good time.
This way, we can simply pull and merge your work
and test it.

This also ensures your work is being officially
recorded in the project, which usually is a good thing.

This also ensures your next contribution might
be closer now, since you have mastered our
development process (bugreport, git ..).

Thank you!

Cheers, Sven

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