Bug 1075: Add support for OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0

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Bug 1075: Add support for OpenCL 1.2 and 2.0

Sven Gothel
It seems Wade has made excellent progress
in enhancing JOCL:


One may like to join the discussion via bugzilla

  [1] Will the implementing classes CLImpl11, CLImpl12, CLImpl20,
    being directly exposed to the user
    or via public interfaces, i.e. CL11, CL12, CL20?
    I prefer the latter, since it will be analog to [2].

  [2] Common CL profiles as JOGL's GL2ES2
    being implemented by CLImpl11, CLImpl12, CLImpl20.
    For example:
    - CL11_20
    - CL20_21
    This will be analog to [1].

  [3] How to solve/maintain the higher level API
    using the common CL profiles? -> [1] [2]

Big KUDOS to Wade!

Cheers, Sven

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