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Elephant in the room are talking...

Sven Gothel
Well, as a few might have known, I like to vent from time to time on things that really matter - at least for myself and my family.

So here we are in this cute sub-forum, why not?

Perhaps it helps to stay human in this, for me,
perceived degrading and dehumanizing world.
In reality, this path forward was surely always there,
but for some reason - I feel they notched up the pace extremely in the last 10 years.

Whatever opinion you have, share or not share,
we should not apply a so called Cancel Culture here - or anywhere else IMHO.
At least for me, in regards to the software development project(s),
I will stay professional and change hats - only assessing related artifacts.

Spilling the beans?
Tossing in some of the heavy weighted and unable to un-see things?

I remember when we chatted in our IRC that 'this is the year where all conspiracy theories were proven right',
it was the year 2013 and the case was Edward Snowden.
Yes Julien Assange is still being tortured by the 'law' etc.
And a year later in 2014, all preparations for hell today started to unleash with the Maidan Coup in Ukraine.
In between, well, we were pleased with COVID19 .. by now, I hope, you know about those dealings.

Around 2005 when I entered Canada, I remember they started talking about
making 'Hate Speech' illegal - we were all LMAO.
Roughly 10+ years later, it was implemented as law in the EU and used to monitor
all internet convos, besides our 'dear' anti-terror laws.
Now supposedly threatening a Biologist stating that there is only Man and Woman (Norway).

And today, my old fellows with whom I demonstrated for peace against the Cold War,
back then when I was a young boy (11),
when they stationed Pershing 2 in Germany
- well some of these old fellows are now in the German government
and promote a Hot War against Russia by prolonging the war,
causing more people to die and suffer (Yes, Ukrainian deaths and Russian death).
I don't discriminate about the nationality, I don't care - all humans - all a big tragedy.
You will see my reasoning and some of the background pointers in blog posts linked above.

Yes, my fellow former pacifist friends become war monger and bringing weapons
back on the table, enabling the death of people forced to the front lines etc.
This is today :-(

I truly hope we all can keep our sanity and survive this absolute crazy drive.
When in doubt, I spend more time with family - pulling the plug and stop thinking
about these trampling elephants which I at least surely cannot stop.

Jesus mountain speech is also very helpful in these day, I have to confess.

Guess I kicked off this sub-forum pretty well with all of the above right?

No, this is not to incite hate or bad feelings - on the contrary.
By simply spelling out these things, we reclaim our humanity, 'freedom' and peace.
At least this is how I grew up with freedom of speech and open minded.
Hopefully not something of the past.

Yes, it probably also lead or leads to being cancelled by certain parties,
but that was/is the price to pay.

Cheers, Love & Peace,

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Re: Elephant in the room are talking...

Sven Gothel
perhaps one likes to watch Jimmy Dore in regards to all the escalations and wars.
(Probably the closest to George Carlin one can get these days?)

Yes, sadly links to the big MSM machine, but whatever ...



Caitlin Johnstone is a great read, but not so easy to digest.

And then there is Brian, reflecting the war technical stuff,
quite depressing.

.. and so one and so forth.


First of all, there are no excuses for neither side - just to be clear.

Just ignore my brain dump .. or not, as you wish.
We probably reached a point where it sadly doesn't matter anyways.

.. the irony surely is how 'they' try to mince war being
about 'freedom'  or even daring to claim supplying weapons will 'save lives'.

German tanks are rolling again .. you can't make this shit up.
(Note: Training and supplying a war party makes you a war party and legitimate target)

And now we even hear about the US is preparing for a war against China.

Wake me up!


Approaching roughly 200k death Ukrainian soldiers, a multiple of wounded
and high destruction of the country's infrastructure,
this "strategy" is surely not beneficial to the people!

Before the war started around Feb 2022, roughly 6000 Ukrainian people of Russian decent
in eastern Ukraine were murdered by Ukraine, all recorded by the OSCE.
See my last blog with detailed references when the war started

Some calculate Russian soldiers death to be around 20k,
depending on funerals etc.

The Minsk 2 agreement was never intended to be implemented,
as officially stated today by Merkel, Hollandais(sic) and the Ukrainian leaders.
On the contrary, intention was to build up Ukraine's military power for years
to prepare themselves for this war - also officially stated by western powers.

Before the war started, security guarantees towards Russia were rejected by US/NATO.

Lots of diplomatic attempts to resolve this way before the war failed.
War logistics was also kicked off years before.

Around April 2022 there was one serious attempt to end the war, but sabotaged.

As always, IMHO, no war ever is to help the people,
but to feed the nasty power hungry.

Whether Russia had its proper reasons to 'march into' Ukraine
and preempts a greater disaster (like in Syria - still ongoing) has to be seen.
The overall death count is surely not beneficial.
Some say Russia is still restraining and not doing a carpet bombing going into the millions.

Whether US/NATO's indirect and now direct involvement in this war is helpful,
and whether 'we' are the actual culprits once again like in the Ukraine coup in 2014 etc
will probably be hard to deny?

Strategic wise, it looks more like the west is risking it all to preserve
our last decade power structure instead of looking forward and get along with the world.
Probably futile and rather inhumane then everything else :-(

Then there is a very cynical thought about having all leaders just following their plans
to cause havoc every 10 years using different means like economic disasters,
"pandemics" and wars to reduce wealth and autonomy of their sheeple just to gain
and maintain their position.

Whatever it is .. let's hope they leave meat on the bones for us and not 'press the final button'.

OPTIMISM (right)