Email issues w/ Google Recipients ..

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Email issues w/ Google Recipients ..

Sven Gothel
FYI ..

Thx to Bruce, who asked about the whereabouts of
the bugzilla password which should have been emailed,
I could identify the email issues we have w/ Google email recipients.

Preface: No issues w/ SMTP email setup
  - Tested w/ 
  - Not blacklisted
  - No open relay
  - Relay/Sending only available via SSL/TLS AUTH

  - Use an RFC compliant email provider,
    i.e. setup your own .. or .. dunno.

  - Help us changing our email setup (exim, sendmail, .. )
    to work w/ the buggy Google email system.

.. and here the details:

[1] 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable
Emails sent from
are rejected since they seem to be identified as SPAM.

I have filed the issue via

They don't provide a ticket number, nor do they send an email confirmation.

Your mileage may vary as a non-paying Google user / asset!

<<< 550-5.7.1 [2a01:4f8:192:1164::2      12] Our system has detected that this
<<< 550-5.7.1 message is likely unsolicited mail. To reduce the amount of spam sent
<<< 550-5.7.1 to Gmail, this message has been blocked. Please visit
<<< 550-5.7.1 for
<<< 550 5.7.1 more information. m49si26759128eeo.251 - gsmtp
554 5.0.0 Service unavailable

[2] 451-4.3.0 Multiple destination domains per transaction is unsupported

This has been reported multiple times, e.g.!topic/apps/jEUrvTd1S_w

This is due to Google's new SMTP/MX configuration,
supposed to be started around May 2012!

This new setup renders their SMTP server non RFC compliant,
rejecting multiple recipients per SMTP session.

Your mileage may vary as a non-paying Google user / asset!

[3] Emails sent from other Domains ..

Besides above 2 issues w/ -> google,
we have experienced other issues
w/ -> google.

Manual written Emails send 1 by 1 to some (but not all) recipients
were either marked as spam or were not even received at all!

Yes, the emails were confirmed as being sent.

Your mileage may vary as a non-paying Google user / asset!


Cynical Remark:

Maybe just another masterplan to move folks from internet standards
to walled garden services like GMail[+], Facebook, etc :)

Cheers, Sven

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