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JogAmp Release Codenames / TODO 2.4.0

Sven Gothel
Starting with release 2.4.0, I will give
each release a codename.

For 2.4.0 I have chosen the name 'Jbeil',
for multiple contemporary reasons
as well as an homage to our long time supporter
CCC International and CCT with their roots from Lebanon.

The sound of uncertainty, struggles and destruction
seems unable to be absorbed and echoes in our lives.

Despite the awareness, may we all embrace & maintain life
with as much happiness as possible.

My apologies for my little two-sentence excursion
into matters unrelated to this forum's subject.


TODO 2.4.0:

This is the current open bug list for 2.4.0


To bring back a good portion of stability, I have to complete:

- Bug 1420: Enable FFmpeg 4.* in FFMPEGMediaPlayer and allow loading provided
libs (option)

- Bug 1358: Incorrect OpenGL surface size on SWT GLCanvas and NewtCanvasSWT w/
High-DPI scaling

The other almost feature bugs regarding GLMediaPlayer might be pushed back,
as well as other SWT issues. Re SWT, we would need more user activity
including bug fixes for more stability.

Then maybe some more feedbacks .. and we can call it done.


I also added added the list of 'os.and.arch' platforms we build
right on the homepage. I believe this is something a few liked
to see for years :)

linux-amd64 linux-i586 linux-armv6hf linux-aarch64 macosx-amd64
windows-amd64 windows-i586 android-armv6 android-aarch64 android-x86
ios-amd64 ios-arm64

Cheers, Sven