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No redraw after changing colors

Hey there,

I'm relatively new to OpenGL and I ran into a problem in my recent project. I'm trying to implement a function, which changes the colors of an object when it's clicked on. The logic works fine and the color attributes change, but the scene is not redrawn. Guess I should force a redraw (like glutPostRedisplay), but I'm not sure how it is done in JOGL.

Relevant parts of the code:

public class Main extends Canvas implements GLEventListener {

   private ArrayList<Shape> setup = new ArrayList<Shape>();
   private int charTypes[] = new int[numberOfPlayers]; //0 -> Eskimo, 1 -> Explorer

   public void display( GLAutoDrawable drawable ) {
      for(int i = 0; i < setup.size(); i++) { setup.get(i).Draw(gl); }
      //Checking for choice of characters
      if(contains(wcoord, setup.get(7), 6) && mousePressed)  { charTypes[0] = 0; mouse = null; }
      else if(contains(wcoord, setup.get(13), 6) && mousePressed)  { charTypes[0] = 1; mouse = null; }

      gl.glClearColor(0.5f, 0.7f, 0.7f, 1f);

   public void setUp(int[] alpha) {
      //Setting shapes
      setup.add(7, new Hexagon(-0.38f, 0.05625f*2f, 0f, 1.25f, 5f)); //Eskimo
      setup.add(13, new Hexagon(-0.38f+0.13f, 0.05625f*2f, 0f, 1.25f, 5f)); //Explorer

      //Coloring shapes
      setup.get(7).setColor(0.65f/(1+alpha[0]), 0.15f/(1+alpha[0]), 0.15f/(1+alpha[0]), 1f); //Brown
      setup.get(13).setColor(1f/(2-alpha[0]), 0f/(2-alpha[0]), 0f/(2-alpha[0]), 1f); //Red


public class Hexagon extends Shape {
        private float[] color = new float[4];
        float offsetX;
        float offsetY;
        float angle;
        float scale;
        float prio;
        Hexagon(float offsetX, float offsetY, float angle, float scale, float prio) {
                this.offsetX = offsetX;
                this.offsetY = offsetY;
                this.angle = angle;
                this.scale = scale;
                this.prio = prio;

        public void setColor(float r, float g, float b, float a) {
                color[0] = r;
                color[1] = g;
                color[2] = b;
                color[3] = a;
        public void Draw(GL2 gl) {
            gl.glTranslatef(offsetX, offsetY, -1.001f-(prio*0.0001f));
            gl.glRotatef(angle, 0f, 0.0f, 1.0f);
            gl.glScalef(scale, scale, scale);
            gl.glColor4f(color[0], color[1], color[2], color[3]);

            gl.glVertex3f(0f, 0.05625f, 0);
            super.sides[0][0] = 0f*scale+offsetX; super.sides[0][1] = (0.05625f)*scale+offsetY;

            gl.glVertex3f(0.05f, 0.028125f, 0);
            super.sides[1][0] = 0.05f*scale+offsetX; super.sides[1][1] = (0.028125f)*scale+offsetY;

            gl.glVertex3f(0.05f, -0.028125f, 0);
            super.sides[2][0] = (0.05f)*scale+offsetX; super.sides[2][1] = (-0.028125f)*scale+offsetY;

            gl.glVertex3f(0f, -0.05625f, 0);
            super.sides[3][0] = (0f)*scale+offsetX; super.sides[3][1] = (-0.05625f)*scale+offsetY;

            gl.glVertex3f(-0.05f, -0.028125f, 0);
            super.sides[4][0] = (-0.05f)*scale+offsetX; super.sides[4][1] = (-0.028125f)*scale+offsetY;

            gl.glVertex3f(-0.05f, 0.028125f, 0);
            super.sides[5][0] = (-0.05f)*scale+offsetX; super.sides[5][1] = (0.028125f)*scale+offsetY;


Thank you, in advance, for your time and responses.
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Re: No redraw after changing colors