OpenGL 1 emulation in pure Java

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OpenGL 1 emulation in pure Java

Hi everyone,

I am currently working on non native OpenGL rendering. I simply thought people in this discussion group would be interested to know about this.

I found an old but excellent piece of software called jGL. The OpenGL 1 specification is covered by rendering with the CPU only. This is useful for me in Jzy3d to have a fallback renderer in case a particular combination of OS, JVM, GPU is crashing.

You may look at jGL here. I am still working on the Jzy3d integration in the "emulgl" branch. You may run an example integration here for surface, here for scatters. Results are promising as I can render almost everything that Jzy3d promise to render with acceptable performance.

I have added schemas to jGL repo to help the interested reader dive in the sources.