OpenGL and Vulkan on MacOS / JogAmp's Vulkan Support

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OpenGL and Vulkan on MacOS / JogAmp's Vulkan Support

Sven Gothel
As we have debated the 'future of OpenGL on MacOS'
since Apple rendererd it deprecated a while ago,
I like mention Molten* here - other 'wrapper'
should become available as well.

Personally I doubt that Apple is willing to drop
an industry standard on their platforms.

Yes, sometimes some of our colleagues love to live the hype,
once referred to as hippies, but seriously,
a matured and stable API is nothing to be afraid off.
On the contrary, it enables longevity and project maintenance.
Many serious application require such support.

Having said that, even if Apple drops the ball,
there will be API wrapper available on MacOS.

See MoltenGL <>
and MoltenVK <>
(source code <>).


Key will surely to support Vulkan <>
rather sooner than later, best this year after our 2.4.0 release.

Depending on Vulkan 1.2 availability on mobile devices,
we have to decide where the starting point shall be. 1.1 or 1.2.

So yes, we will support Vulkan of course.
And I will continue 'begging around' for funding allowing this journey ;-)

Then we also have project Zink, implementing OpenGL ES ontop of Vulkan

Other OpenGL ES implementations ontop of Vulkan are also available.


Bottom line IMHO: The Queen is dead, long live the Queen.

Cheers, Sven