Preparing Release 2.2.2 (b22x branch, backport)

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Preparing Release 2.2.2 (b22x branch, backport)

Sven Gothel
Hi All,

due to quite a few bug reports in JOGL / GlueGen,
I have decided to start branch b22x containing
backported fixes for 2.2.2.


Wiki <>

git <;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/b22x>

jenkins <>

builds <;O=D>

Latest Test Applets

Latest GLJPanels and GLCanvas w/ Gears GL2 Demos


I added a new jenkins job lineup for b22x
to enable unit tests and producing the 'backport' release 2.2.2.

2.2.2 fixes are all included in master branch, upcoming 2.3.0.

If all goes well these days, 2.2.2 will be released!


Cheers, Sven

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