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Michael Bien

GL ain't any longer the only interface.

to understand why I recommend reading e.g one of the getting started tutorials

and/or this blog entry about GL Profiles

we don't use/support JOGL 1.x. If you have further questions about JOGL 2 just ask.

hope this helps,
best regards,


On 10/05/2010 05:08 PM, NickJPGeorge [via jogamp] wrote:
So, I used to do a lot of JoGL programming, just decided to try to get out my old stuff and get it working on a new computer.

So it seems much has changed.  First, I tried using the JoGL 2.0.  I just took the latest build.  But something really funny with the GL class- all of my constants aren't registering, things like GL.GL_TRIANGLES, and a lot of the methods, i.e. gl.glVertex3f, gl.glEnd.  It does import the class GL, but it doesn't have any of the things I expect it to have.

So, alright, I went back and got the latest version of JoGL that Sun released, and even that is hassling me.  Specifically, if the windowsize is the size of the fullcreen, my window flashes badly.  If I use device.setFullScreenWindow( window ); , it just doesn't display.  Interestingly, if I set the size to be 1 pixel less than full screen, i.e. on my laptop 1365x768 instead of 1366x768, it displays fine, no flashing, but there's that line at the end, and the windows bar at the bottom doesn't go away.

I hope these are easy fixes, because I'm sure none of you want to pore over my code!


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