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Re: JogAmp Release [Candidate] v2.0-rc5

Sven Gothel
On Monday, December 19, 2011 07:04:20 PM Sven Gothel wrote:
> More testing is very welcome, especially w/
>   Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6.4 and 10.7 [standalone / applets]
>   Known Issues w/ OS X and GLCanvas/Applet:
>     In JNLP mode (not AppletLauncher or NApplet),
>     the GLDrawable is not valid (underlying offscreen layer).

Turns out the JNLP Applet launch on OSX w/ Safari didn't pick the latest
JAR files, instead used old JAR files from the cache.
Hence the background update mechanism seems not to work properly on this platform.

After manually deleting all cached files via 'Java Preferences -> Networking'
it works.

W/o using JNLP Applet, ie. AppletLauncher or our simple 'NApplet' method
it just works.

NApplet is the way of just using the Applets tag (Object/Embed) w/o
any explicit native library loading mechanism, but using JogAmp's
implicit native JAR loader.